About Us

Barkollo started the 12th of October 2010 
 as the new
 cultural hub of Newcastle accommodating the creative 
minds of the north, mixing great ambience
 with innovative art and music.  Run by a new genre 
of inspirational free thinkers, Maya Esposito and Claudio Pascale, 
who are both passionate and dedicated to the
 development of the arts. 
Barkollo now is running up and down Europe to expand and
to serch for new talents to create  links with other countries 
where to begin new links for international exchanges.
We are always looking for new talents and people with 
passion for culture and arts to be part of our big dream of
creating a storm of fresh thoughts.
We belive in free culture, and thats why we try to 
organize free events all the time, so that there is 
a free access to it.
Barkollo is now looking for  new venues where to 
celebrate the love for a good time!

We are also available for small catered party as chef and butler!

click here to see more pictures of our dishes!

cocktails - relax- wine - freshly made food -djs on stage- pizzas- live music - italian aperitivo - film clubs - barkollo ma non mollo!!!